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Best Laptop for Small Business | Top 4 Business Laptops Review


A business laptop needs to grow for getting connected with people are around the world. And every businessman now depending online to maintain their products updates all over the world where their products have been sold and selling yet. So, a businessman always needs to be connected through online to see updates about that but without a business laptop, device it is not that easy than we think because a normal laptop can be lagged while you’re working online. That’s why every popular manufacturer manufactured a high-performance laptop only for business supports that runs fluidly even when you’re doing multitasking together. However, here are four business laptops that made for business supports which are popular choice yet.

•    Lenovo Thinkpad T480s

•   Dell Latitude 7490

•    Lenovo Thinkpad x1 Carbon (6th gen)

•    Lenovo Thinkpad E480

Specification of all Business Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

•    Display : touch: 14″ hd ips, touch: 14″ fhd ips, non-touch: 14″ wqhd ips

•    CPU: intel core i7 processor with vpro (8th gen)

•    GPU: nvidia® geforce® mx150 with 2 gb gddr5

•    Chipset: intel® hd 620

•    OS: windows 10 pro

•    Onboard memory (ram): ddr4-2400, ddr4-2666 (up to 32gb)

•    Storage : 1 tb ssd pcie ssd

•    Camera: type hd with think shutter supports windows hello and facial recognition

•    Connectivity: wi-fi: intel® dual band wireless-ac (2 x 2), bluetooth: bluetooth 4.1, wwan: integrated global mobile broadband lte-a

•    USB: USB-c, intel® thunderbolt3, USB 3.0 (2x), 4-in-1 micro sd card reader (SD, MMC, SDHC,SDXC), headphone and microphone combo jack, hdmi, rj45

•    Battery: integrated 57 wh up to 15.6 hours

Dell Lattitude 7490

•    Display : 14.0” hd (1366 x 768) and fhd (1920 x 1080) anti-glare (16:9) wled, 200 nits and 300 nits, ips,magnesium alloy lcd back

•    CPU : intel® core processors7th gen

•    GPU : intel® hd graphics 620 / 640

•    Chipset : integrated with the processor

•    OS : windows 10 pro / home

•    Onboard memory (ram): ddr4-2133mhz up to 32gb (2 slots)

•    Storage : m.2 2280 form factor, up to 1tb sata & pcie nvme ssd

•    Camera : hd cam

•    Connectivity: wi-fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,bluetooth: bluetooth 4.2, wc: intel dual band wireless-ac 8265

•    USB: USB-c, intel® thunderbolt3, USB 3.1 (power share), 4-in-1 usd card reader 4.0 (SD, MMC, SDHC, SDXC), headphone, and microphone combo jack, hdmi, rj45

•    Battery : integrated 42whto 60 whr long life cycle polymer express charge capable

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Carbon (6th Gen)

•    Display : 14″ fhd (1920 x 1080) ips anti-glare, 300 nits, 14″ fhd (1920 x 1080) ips anti-glare multi-touch, 300 nits, 14″ hdr wqhd (2560 x 1440) ips glossy with dolby vision, 500 nits.

•    cpu: intel core i7-8650u (8th gen) with vpro (1.90ghz up to 4.20ghz with turbo boost & 8mb cache)

•    GPU: Intel integrated uhd graphics 620

•    OS: windows 10 pro and home edition

•    Onboard memory (ram): up to 16 gb lpddr3 2133 mhz

•    Storage : 1 tb pcie ssd

•    Camera: type 720p hd with thinkshutter, facial recognition support for specific configuration

•    Connectivity: wi-fi: intel dual-band wireless ac (2 x 2) 8265 & bluetooth: 4.1 with vpro, wwan: fibocom l850-gl 4g lte-a cat 9 (select models).

•    USB: USB-c, intel® thunderbolt3, USB 3.0 (2x), 4-in-1 micro sd card reader (SD, MMC, SDHC, SDXC ), headphone and microphone combo jack, hdmi

•    Battery: integrated 57 wh up to 15.6 hours with rapidcharge technology.

Lenovo ThinkPad E480

•    Display : 14″ hd (1366 x 768) anti-glare, 14″ fhd (1920 x 1080) ips anti-glare.

•    CPU: 8th gen intel core™ i7-8550u processor (1.80ghz, up to 4.0ghz with turbo boost, 8mb cache)&7th gen intel® core™ i5-7200u processor (2.50ghz, up to 3.10ghz with turbo boost, 3mb cache)

•    GPU: Intel integrated hd graphics 620

•    OS: windows 10 pro and home edition

•    Onboard memory (ram): ddr4 2400 mhz up to 16 gb (32 gb maximum)

•    Storage : 1 tb pcie ssd

•    Camera: type 720p hd with dual array microphones

•    Connectivity: wi-fi:802.11 ac (2×2)& bluetooth: 4.1

•    usb: usb 2.0, usb-c (gen 1), usb 3.1 (gen2), micro sd card reader, headphones and microphone combo jack, hdmi, rj-45

•    Battery: up to 13 hours (with mobile mark 2014)

Performance, Display and Battery

Lenovo ThinkPad T480s

The new lenovo thinkpad presents one of the most iconic lines of business laptop ever made, appealing specifically to people who want great performance and robust build quality. The new lenovo thinkpad t480s, which slots in next to the x1 carbon to present ThinkPad-level business insight without the thin-and-light focus. We checked at a lower-end ThinkPad t480s configuration, the laptop is an 8th-generation intel core i7 processor,8gb of ram, a 256gb SSD, and a 14-inch touch and non-touch display.

The ThinkPad t480s business laptop is similar between its predecessor – features are much same like the jet-black exterior with glowing red “i” as every other ThinkPad also the black keys with white letters surrounding the usual red track point nubbin and an extra set of buttons. If you are a ThinkPad fan, you’re welcome to the familiar aesthetic design. However, there is a long period have gone when the ThinkPad was the only business laptop with a distinct outlook. Nowadays, for example, the microsoft surface book, Dell XPS, and MacBook Pro all have a unique visual identity we always like — and even prefer to the ThinkPad.

There is an advantage that the new t480s business laptop is slightly thicker and larger than the competition is it affords dramatically improved connectivity. The prime example, the business laptop is packing in a host of connections while supporting lenovo’s innovative USB-c docking stations. Out of the box, the ThinkPad t480s has a USB-c gen 1 port, two USB-3.0 a type port, a USB-c with thunderbolt 3, a full-size HDMI port, ethernet port of gigabit, an sd card reader, and an optional smart card reader.

And then there is the typical 3.5mm combo audio jack and 2×2 mu-mimo wi-fi and bluetooth 4.2 radios. These are the important stuff for business people, who will appreciate never having to carry dongles or adapters with them. The touchpad of both models is nicely resized which supports windows 10’s multi-touch gestures as it is microsoft precise touchpad. The extra buttons to accommodate the usual track point nubbin, and lenovo smartly placed the fingerprint reader outside the touchpad.

Lenovo’s business laptop new device comes with two type of display which is touch and non-touch with 14-inch full hd (1920 x 1080) ips touch display with an anti-glare coating that able to reduce the glare. Lenovo also offers a wqhd (2560 x 1440) which is quite a bit sharper and will appeal more to pixel-peepers.on our benchmark test, the color we found the brightness was 240 nits which made us disappointed because the brightness is low even for an anti-glare display and color accuracy was just okay, the contrast was 780:1 which a bit lower, and the color gamut was downright poor.

Comparing the processor and storage performance thinkpad t480s matched other similarly equipped notebooks in our tests. The benchmark result showed that it was generally in-line with its competitors like faster dell xps 13 and slightly slower huawei matebook x pro. But there is a good news that the new t480s is able to fast booting, opening apps, and accessing large files won’t slow a machine down and the reason is lenovo inserted samsung pm961 pcie ssd in its heart.

However, when we reviewed the graphics performance of this device, it did not make us excited because our review was in the box of its integrated intel hd 620 graphics. But if you want you can configure the thinkpad t480s with a discrete gpu, specifically the nvidia geforce mx150 – that’s a great news honestly

There is another disappointed matter that is its battery, the battery is only 57 watt-hours which is not good enough for the configuration but just okay with others like dell xps 13. While our aggressive web browsing it performed only for four hours which fell short of every machine except the dell xps 13 – and that notebook was equipped with a power-hungry 4k display. But another web browsing test, the thinkpad t480s lasted for just under nine hours, behind all our comparison machines.

However, the company started selling this device from usd $1,170.90, £1,589.99 and aus $1,679.00 which is not so expensive at all.

Dell Latitude 7490

Dell is another famous business laptop manufacturer who has taken the clean lines of the 74xx series.The new dell device is preferable for its excellent performance, its reasonable price and its long-lasting battery life. Instead of the versatile design and exceptional experience the company started selling just under usd $1,049.00, eu £1,169.00, and aus $1,959.00 – such a reasonable price.

Dell’s latitude 7490 is mostly polished of plastic where others distract the exact nature of their devices with thin metal facings, dell jump at plastic as its material of choice, and the body finish achieved with it is admirable. It is true that a poorly designed plastic machine may flex and buckle, but the latitude 7490 feels ridged and stronger in all the critical areas, like the hinge, and where you place your palms to type.

The device is measuring just under 3.5 pounds and 0.7-inch thick which means it is lighter than huawei matebook x pro even lenovo thinkpad t480 with or without battery respectively but slightly similar to the hp elitebook 1040 g4. The laptop has two usb 3.0 ports, an hdmi port, a power adapter port and a thunderbolt 3 port, a plain usb type-c port featuring display port technology but this feature depends on certain configuration – depends on your configuration.

Moreover, on the right side, you will get noble-branded security lock slot, sd and sim readers, headphone jack, an ethernet port, and a third usb 3.0 port. The keyboard is coated in soft-touch paint and woven carbon-fiber lid, which offers a grainy texture that makes the laptop feel more substantial.

Dell latitude 7490 configuration offered solid color and crisp detail in the 14-inch fhd antiglare magnesium alloy lcd back the touch and non-touch display. The screen hinge on this device is strong and allows the display to lie entirely flat.

Dell the dell latitude 7490 offers an 8th gen core i5-8350u (1.7ghz) which is, even more, faster where many laptop manufacturers are offering similar machines with the slower core i5-8250u that runs at 1.6ghz. You are not only getting a core i5 processor, but dell also offers an 8th gen intel core i7-8650u processor and 8gb of ram and up to 1tb sata & pcie nvme ssd – a combination that makes for industrious speed and solid multitasking.

In the geekbench test we show the latitude 7490 scored a high 14,458 on the geekbench 4 general performance benchmark where huawei matebook x pro (intel core i7-8550u with 16gb of ram) scored 12,913 and lenovo thinkpad t480 (intel core i5-8350u with 8gb of ram) scored 12,047 and 13,463 from the hp elitebook 1040 g4 (intel core i7-7820hq with 16gb of ram).it is an excellent workhorse.

Portable devices are always defined by their power resources and management. And we found on our own battery test, the dell latitude 7490 is underlined what an efficient and streamlined package it is where power is concerned. While our pcmark08 work test, the machine has lasted at maximum speed for 7 hours 51 minutes and configured for longevity, the laptop managed an impressive 10 hours 51 minutes.

Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Carbon (6th Gen)

Lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon (6th gen) keeps its tradition as a premier, though pricey, and the best business laptop that ultralight ultra-powerful. It is quite simple and qualitative that starting from usd $1,367.10, eu £1,499.99 and aus $1,779.00.there are very good 14″ fhd (1920 x 1080) ips anti-glare multi-touch, 300 nits and 14″ wqhd (2560 x 1440) ips glossy with dolby vision, 500 nits that support hdr technology.

You will also found a variety of ports, including a pair of high-speed thunderbolt connectors ideal for driving external displays. There is an 8th-gen intel processor that accomplishes quite enough for most business tasks with its good battery life.

The 14-inch thinkpad x1 carbon create smaller screen bezels, the screen has side bezels of 5mm, an upper bezel of 12mm and a lower bezel of 19mm. The 14-inch ips screen 2560 x 1440 and 1920 x 1080 resolutions come with touch and non-touch versions have anti-glare screens with dolby vision, which offers 500-nit brightness and a wide color gamut.The thinkpad x1 carbon 6th gen uses an 8th-generation intel processor across the pre-configured range.

The company installed an intel core i7-8550u processor, 16gb of ram, a 2560 x 1440 glossy screen, and 512gb of ssd which is upgradable to 1tb. The keyboard is typical thinkpad unit and the main keys are very lightest of touches and extremely comfortable to use at speed for long periods.

The signature lenovo trackpoint sits between the g, h and b keys, and is smooth and comfortable to use. There are two physical buttons and a scroll button sit beneath the space bar, for use with the trackpoint and nfc is integrated into the trackpad and the fingerprint reader to its right.

In terms of ports, the x1 carbon 6th gen includes that usb-c port, which is thunderbolt 3.0 enabled meaning that it can supply or receive power, provide usb 3.0 data for transferring files, and an hdmi port and a more traditional usb 3.1 type a connector provide legacy connections. Lenovo’s proprietary docking connector is right in the middle which includes a second, thunderbolt 3.0 port plus a special ethernet gen-2 jack, the usb-c port is standard.

The second usb-a connector is in the right-hand side of the chassis, a kensington lock, large fan vents, and the 3.5mm headphones jack. The combination of sd card and wlan sim card holder, which is tucked away within the hinge, the thinkpad x1 carbon 6th gen also includes a hardware tpm (trusted platform module) chip, too, for additional security.

Lenovo claims that their new thinkpad x1 can durable up to 15 hours with its 57wh li-polymer battery, but that seems a little optimistic. On our battery life check that we regularly do, we checked in some terms of writing, streaming and web research, it consumes a fully charged battery by 50 percent after around five and a quarter hour- that is, about two-thirds of the way through an eight-hour working day.

It means it’s probably good enough for a day’s work unless you’re a power user. Rapid charge support means you will be able to boost the battery to 80 percent capacity in an hour if required.

Lenovo ThinkPad E480

Lenovo’s new device thinkpad e480 is another business laptop flagship that best for its performance, unibody design, comfortable keyboard, and respectable battery life. The device lenovo started to sell in the market from usd$559.99, eu £769.99, aus $899.00.the body of e480 measures weighs 3.9 pounds and 0.78 by 12.96 by 9.53 inches (hwd).

That kind of similar to the dell latitude 3490 (3.79 pounds), another bulky budget laptop for business, as well as nearly 1.5 pounds heavier than the thinkpad x1 carbon which is 2.49-pound and almost a pound more than the 3.07-pound lenovo thinkpad t480s.the thinkpad e480 is in traditional thinkpad matte black, but for the test, we received it came outfitted in a silver unibody.

It does not feature a carbon-fiber case unlike pricier thinkpads, but thankfully it’s not made of plastic, either. The body is covered by an aluminum shell that’s robust than plastic but not as rigid as a carbon-fiber thinkpad; the keyboard deck flexes a bit when you are typing.

The new thinkpad e480 design does pass a dozen mil-spec tests for durability under extreme conditions, withstanding dust and sand ingress, sudden shock, and other environmental hazards. The keyboard itself measures up to the thinkpad’s lofty standard, and the keys have a bit of a textured surface, which is a departure from the usually smooth feel of a thinkpad keyboard. Overall, the keyboard is comfortable.

Lenovo’s thinkpad e480 configuration here features the 8-gen intel corei7-8650u, 8gb of ram which upgradable to 16gb, and an intel uhd graphics 620 gpu. The core i7-8650u has four processing cores, with support for eight processing threads, and it operates between a stock frequency of 1.9ghz and a top turbo of 4.20ghz.

The system performed admirably on our pc mark 8 benchmark test, simulating web browsing, video conferencing, and other basic tasks and it scored about 3,000 on this test indicates excellent performance, and overall result of 3, appreciable.

The thinkpad e480 also moved into an outstanding score on the handbrake video-encoding test, thanks to its four processor cores with thread-doubling hyper-threading support, it achieved a competitive score of 563 on the cinebench 3d rendering test but the gaming performance is limited, which comes as zero surprises given that the thinkpad e480 relies on integrated graphics. On our medium quality tests, the e480 failed to reach framerates higher than 30 frames per second which are the minimum threshold for smooth gameplay.

The battery of thinkpad e480, charges quickly with the feature of e480’s rapid-charging in play, lenovo claims a 60-minute charge will get you back to 80 percent battery life and the result came true, lenovo underpromised and over delivered; a completely dead battery shot to 86 percent in an hour.

Our Thoughts

We have reviewed a plenty number of business laptop which delivered by some famous makers. There are a variety of internal hardware features provided by every company. All of them are trying to give the best performance in a minimal budget but our review shows the result comparing their performance, display quality, 3d performance and battery life which is most important.

However, from the budget and performance of 3d and performance of cpu even the battery durability we found the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon (6th gen) is one of the best business laptop one on the budget starting from usd $1,367.10, eu £1,499.99 and aus $1,779.00. It looks like it is a bit higher price but if you compare the result of this device, you will also be a fan of it as we became.

Moreover, there is another one which comes at a cheap price also performed well at cine bench 3d rendering and pc mark 8 benchmark test with its respective battery life and its fast-charging that place is also taken by Lenovo thinkpad e480. Limited budget but can give you satisfaction.

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