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Hair Straightener Side Effects and How to Avoid Them


Hate your curly hair? Trust me, it’s better for you if you accept it the way it is. Let’s face it, women LOVE having straight hair.

Straight hair looks amazing and stunning. But it can harm their natural hair.

I get it, I know you don’t like your current hairstyle. You’re craving for getting straight hair like all those beauties in the street.

However, at least you’re not going to have constant hair fall if you give it a second thought. Did I say hair fall? Yes, not just hair fall, if you’re going to experience a lot of disastrous side effects if you’re going to get your hair straightened.

To make sure you’re not fooled by all those ads that tell you how getting your hair straightened will make you a dazzling damsel, give the following hair straightener side effects a read.

10 Hair Straightener Side Effects

  1. Dryness

You may have noticed smoke that rises from your hair when you’re trying to straighten it, right? Well, guess what? Those are not smoke, my friend; what are you getting there is known as STEAM.

What happens is, the hair straightener seeps the moistures, it gets from your hair. This moisture helps the hair to remain straight so that you can secure your style.

How does the moisture escape from your hair? The only way is by evaporating and turning them into steam. Ever wondered why it goes to its natural state after each time you wash your hair? The reason is, every time you wash your hair, you get the moistures restored in it.

However, you must keep in mind that if you use chemical treatments or heat styling tools on a daily basis, it can mess with the natural oils of your hair. What you’re going to end up with is dry and brittle hair.

  1. Frizz

Straightening your hair to get rid of all the frizz? WRONG MOVE! I told you about the dryness caused by hair straightening, didn’t I? Well, you’ll get more frizz while straightening your hair.

  • Breakage

Not just dryness and frizz, you’ll be shocked to know that the structure of your hair stands get weak if you use a hair straightener. The initial stage of this is excessive dryness.

  • Hair Fall

One thing is for sure, no matter what happens, you’ll have increased hair fall now and then, and there’s no doubt about it. Even if you take hygienic care and go through a hair-routine, the chances are you’ll still go through this problem.

To make matters worse, all those chemicals you’re using can cause permanent damage to your hair. Why does it happen? Your hair follicles become weak as you use the hot iron; as a result, you fall into the ‘hair fall trap.’

But here’s more bad news for you. Recovering from this problem may take months, even years.

  • Itchy Scalp

Not just hair straightener machine, you’ll need chemicals to back you up. This chemical, as healthy as they look, can alter your situation by harming your scalp.

You can also see the dandruff is growing in a large amount. This will lead to itch, and too much itching will lead to infection. To turn your situation into a nightmare, you can experience fungal infection on the scalp.

As soon as you face any problem like this, seek medical help right away.

  • Permanent Hair Loss

So, you think that you’re a beauty-expert and your hair will maintain its quality even after years of straightening? You’re WRONG!

Hair fall is something that everyone faces now and then, and that’s normal. You can fix the itchy scalp, breakage, and dryness (probably, if you’re lucky enough that is), but you might have to say goodbye to your hair forever.

In the initial stages, if you’re aware of all these facts, there’s a chance for you recover your hair loss. However, if this goes on and on, well, you know my answer.

  • Slow Hair Growth

So, let’s just say you stand in front of your mirror and notice your hair is growing back. Am I going to be wrong? Of course not. If you do your homework, you’ll see your hair growth is taking too much time than usual.

The heat you use while straightening your hair will damage your hair cuticles permanently. It will slow down your hair growth eventually.

  • Texture Damage

Not everyone loves straight hair. You’ll see boys falling for women with wavy hair. If you’re born with wavy hair, I suggest you keep it that way.

Because, once you straighten your hair, there’s not much of a chance to go back to your original hair texture.

So, after you’ve straightened your hair, you may regret having your new look. You might want to switch back to your original. However, there’s a huge chance for you not getting back your original texture.

 Are you thinking about hair straightening? Think again.

  • Itchiness on Your Body

Not just your scalp, you can have itchiness on your skin as well. The chemicals you use while straightening your hair can cause an allergic reaction. Usually, after a few days of the treatment, the problem starts.

Your sensitive skin can develop rashes, redness and even irritation in your eyes.

  1. Contact Burns

Contact burns are a very common problem you can face while using hair straightening irons. If the matters come to the boil, you can have permanent disfiguration, or you may require formal excision and split skin grafting.

Well, these were just the tip of an iceberg. However, there are a lot of other side effects that can turn your hair straightening experience into a nightmare. So, if you’re thinking of giving it a shot, you might want to give it a second thought.

How Can You Avoid the Side Effects?

So, you’re going to straighten your hair anyway? Even after reading about all those side effects? I’m surprised to see you still want to straighten your hair.

Well, if you’re going to do it anyway, do it in a safe way. I’m not saying you’re going be super-safe if you follow these tips because no one can prevent the side effects to the full.

However, this may help you out to decrease the risk factors. Here are the things you can do to keep yourself on the safe zone.

  • It’s a wise move to apply a heat protectant to your hair to make sure your hair doesn’t get fried by the straightener.
  • Don’t try to straighten your hair once in a while or whenever you want to. If you’re badly in need of it, do not use the straightener more than twice a week.
  • If you’re using the straightener, make sure you switch the temperature setting to low or medium. You switch high, you lose. It’s an end game for you.
  • Wet hair? Don’t even think to touch the hair straightener. When your hair is wet, it’s in the weakest state. Straightening your hair in that state can lead to hair breakage.
  • To restore the moisture, you must use oil and conditioner on your hair every time you wash it. If you want to have some intense hydration, you can deep condition your hair.
  • Using yogurt, coconut milk, honey, and olive oil, you can make natural hair masks. Apply these hair masks every week to moisturize your hair naturally.
  • Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar can help to regain the lost shine.

Are You the Only One Who’s Having Problems?

Even though hair straightening can bring bad news for you, if you look around, maybe at your friends, you’ll see they’re doing completely fine.

Some people are straightening their hair. However, they’re not facing many problems. But you are the one who’s facing problems.

As you’ve read about the side effects, doesn’t it make you wonder what can CAUSE the side effects?

Well, here’s why most hair straightening methods do not work for you.

Your Hair is Already Weak

Maybe your hair is already weak from the very beginning. Hair, especially hair that belongs to women, needs extra care and herbal treatments.

However, most people tend to overlook the use of oil and other vitamins that should be applied to their hair. As a result, the hair growth not only stops but also the root stays weak.

If you’re already suffering from hair issues like dandruff, weak root or scalp, etc., you will face a lot of side effects if you straighten your hair.

Maybe You’re not Consulting the Right Hair Stylist

If you’re going to straighten your hair anyway, do not even think to invest your money on inexperienced hair experts. Your hairstylist is the person you’re going to depend on while straightening your hair, and if he doesn’t know what he’s doing, you’re in grave danger.

You’re Not Getting the Right Amount of Chemical

Chemicals, again, are one of the main culprits that mess with your hair. However, if you minimize the use of chemicals, you may save yourself from the hair damage.

You’re Using Too Much Heat

If you really feel you have to straighten your hair no matter what, try to decrease the heat while going through the process. With the right amount of heat, you might have a chance to escape the side-effects.

If your friends are not having any problem, but you are, the chances are, you’re taking too much heat. And as I’ve told you earlier, too much heat will destroy your hair.

Poor Hair Maintenance after Straightening

I don’t recommend hair straightening at all. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to take care of hair much if it’s straight. After straightening, if you don’t take extra care, it’s bad news for you.

Always try to use products that will turn the tables of the damage that’s about to come any time soon.

Repair Your Damaged Hair from Straightening

Damaged your hair already? I feel bad for you. Well, you did what you did, now it’s time to repair your hair.

No, don’t expect you’re going to get your all-natural hair back. However, at least the situation will be much better.

Use a gentle shampoo and wash your hair daily. Make sure the shampoo is designed for dry and damaged hair. Rub a conditioner through your hair after rinsing it with a shampoo. Before rinsing it out, leave it for three minutes.

Don’t jump to styling right away. Rather, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair so that your hair can get moisture and looks more manageable. Make sure the product you’re going to use has silicon, silk, coconut oil or Vitamin E.

You can use hair mayonnaise once a week as a deep-conditioning treatment. These treatments are available at beauty supply stores.

You can also make a moisturizing hair mask out of an avocado by mashing it. Until the mixture becomes a thick paste, keep adding olive oil. Keep the mask in the microwave and let it warm. After it becomes warm enough, apply it on your hair and rinse after 30 minutes.

Locate the bottom inch of your hair and trim it off. If you remove the damaged ends, you can have healthy hair growth.

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet. Try to eat foods rich in protein such as chicken, nuts, and fish. 

How to Get Your Curls Back?

So, you’ve straightened your hair, and you’re regretting it? Your hairstyle needs to match your face and skin color. Sometimes, it becomes the other way around.

Well, go to the “How to Repair Damaged Hair from Straightening” section and fix your hair first. If you’ve done your job well, it’s time to get the curls back.

Use Curl-Restoring Treatments

Mayo-Treatment: While your hair is still damp, massage two to three tablespoons of mayonnaise into your hair. After you’re done with your message, use a shower cap to cover it and leave the mayo for 15 to 30 minutes.

Afterward, use a gentle shampoo and wash it out. Using the shampoo will not only remove the smell of the mayo but also soften your hair.

There’s no need to apply conditioner after the mayo treatment. The mayo comes with a healthy moisture dose, which has got you covered.

Try a Serum to Tame Frizz: Before you style your hair, it’s a wise move to apply a hydrating serum. As a result, it will not only prevent the frizz but also add more moisture.

Make sure you start from the midshaft and go all the way down to its ends. However, you got to make sure the serums do not reach your roots, or it will go greasy.

You should pick a product that is free of alcohol.

Try Trimming Your Hair: Every 6 to 8 weeks, you should get a hair trim. The split ends will prevent curls from bounding back, and also it will weigh your hair. So set your mark at least for every six weeks.

Wearing Heat-Free Curl-Inducing Styles

Braid Your Hair: In the next step, you’ll need to towel dry your hair. If you see any tangles, comb them out. Afterward, you have to make different sections in your hair.

You can make two sections if you want.  While one section will let you have curl like waves, the other one will allow you to have a crimped look.

Now, you should be able to divide each section into three sub-sections. Afterward, braid them.

For heat-free curls, you can sleep on your braids and release them as soon as you wake up the next morning.

Twist Up Some Bantu Knots

Make some sections in your hair for curls. If you want large curls, you should make large sections. However, if you want your curls to be smaller, you should make smaller sections. You can use curl enhancer or products like mousse in each section.

Now, form a twisty rope-like pattern by twirling each section around your finger. Is everything done? Now, try to loop it around, and you’ll see you’re forming a bun-like shape. Using about two bobby pins, pin it to your head.

Keep repeating this process all over your head and make sure your hair gets dried completely.

Try a Perm Rod Curl:  Now, you’ll have to apply the leave-in conditioner in your hair. If you want larger curls, make fewer sections. You’ll need to make a lot of sections for if you prefer small curls.

How Often Can You Use the Flat Iron and Still be Safe?

You wouldn’t be in this section if you’re scared of hair straightening. As you’re here, I’m assuming you aren’t going to listen to all my bragging on the side effects.

Since you’re going to straighten your hair anyway and you’re going to use a flat iron, here’s how often you can use it.

You see, the answer to the question depends on the condition of your hair. Flat ironing will make the situation worse if your hair is already under-conditioned or damaged.

If you have recently colored your hair, you shouldn’t use the heat anymore.

However, if you got everything covered and you think your hair’s all good, you can perform the heat styling no more than once a week.

Even if you use this once-per-week regimen, there’s always this risk of your hair getting damaged. It’s never actually good for you.

And yes, I was talking about using low-temperature heat by the way. The high-temperature doesn’t even come close.

Final Words

After talking about the hair straightener side effects, if you still think you’re going to straighten your hair, it’s your call. If you do, I would suggest you take all the cautions I talked about to minimize the negative effects.

Have anything to say or ask? Go ahead and write in the comment section below.

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