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Best Travel Garment Bags Carry on | Garment Weekender Bags


Why Garments Bags is Best

If you are going for a business tour or to any formal function, the main thing is running on your mind while you’re packing is perhaps fulfillment your clothing pressed like they were before going in the case .Regular suitcase perhaps is not going to do the same for you. Garment bags especially maintain clothing flat and do not let important stuff get damaged by other clothes like shoes or toiletries. The handy and sort of fantastic thing about garment bags are that, even though they are tall, they can be folded over so that they can be paddled so easily.

Some garments bags contains two or more wheels so that they can roll on the ground while others have unprecedented locking mechanisms to keep your hangers in right place. Garments bags are used all over the world and it is best for carrying suits and many other things. People of all the classes are used garments bags for carrying their necessary things. Garments bags is very helpful for these people who travel very often. It has a holding handle on one side and is used mainly for conducting clothes and other possessions during the journey.

There is a key combination lock used in garments bags for extra security. This kind of security is very reliable for users. Smart garments bags are nowadays getting very popular.Because, they can be controlled by a smartphone app and have many features like GPS, smart lock, auto follow and many other. Now many choices on the market today. Decide the best garments bags brands may be a challenge. Different Brands have different types of features. But If you  read our article it will be easy for you to choose the perfect garments bag for you

Buying Guide of  Best Travel Garment Bags

If you need to buy to get the best garment travel bag for your budget and your stuff, then you need to know which type is perfect for you. You will generally ask a question that Where to buy a garment bag? Well, commonly speaking you should look online. From online you will find the best bargains and the perfect bag for you.

» Type

When you are going to buy garments bags, you need to know which type garments bag suits you. You may be imagined that a garment bag is the same for every kind of traveler, but that is not correct. If you are an ordinary business user, you will be in the multiplicity of people who are buying this type of bags But if you are going off for a wedding party, then you need to check wheeled garment bag. Up of this, you should try that can you carry on a garment bag, because some are slightly too large. After that, do you want wheels or do you want to carry your garment bag? These are two various types you need to choose between.

» Capacity

Garment bags are diverse from suitcases in the condition of capacity. So you need to observe concerning the best garment bag for a tour for your particular imperious. Do you want to carry shoes with you? Do you want to take garments stuff which is extra large? On above of this, you should look at how many garments stuffs that the bag can hold, and how many hooks and compartments are included in the bag because if you look at terms of capacity, the more is the better more. Generally, the best travel garment bag will contain hooks you can add that with your own coat hangers.

» Wheeled/Carried

Commonly speaking, the good garment bag for the tour will have wheels, and you will notice that the best quality goods all bags contain at least two or four wheels. There are often different directional spinner wheels for ease of turning. There are some high-quality carry garment bags on the market too. If you are intended to use your garment bag daily then it is perhaps worth looking at your budget and setting whether you have scope to spend more, to get better quality and a broad lasting product as a result. There are best tri-fold garment bags also have wheels, so you get more capacity and ease of carrying too.

» Carry on/Check-in

There is no refusing that the best-rated garment bag is the perfect one you can use like the carry on luggage because you are not going to save space, but you are also saving the money of not checking in a large bag. There are most garment bags are good within the limits of carrying on suitcase, but constantly check, as some can be just a little bit too large. Check the comparison table above for more information and peace of mind. High rated garment bags also have space for smaller items, such as accessories stuff, so that you can use them as a total travel bag. Rather than just carry off your clothes. If you are going for a regular business tour, Probably someone who goes for small trips or day trips, then this is more convenient for you, saving time and money.

Top Garments Bags Brands


» Delsey

Delsey also provides good quality garments bags. Delsey brand first made leather camera cases, After that, they started the luggage business in 1970. They first released a hard case line. Delsey specialize in hard side carry-ons, making the first style with one main compartment similar to a soft side carry-ons configuration.  Delsey carry-ons are stylish and colorful, they offer excellent durability and their price range is not so high.

» Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter is a luxury lifestyle brand. It must be on the list of best garments bag brands. After all, past owners of Globe-Trotter luggage were Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill.  The company was founded in Germany more than 100 years ago and now moved to the U.K. The brand’s speechless design creates a vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. If you say, money is no object, then Globe-Trotter just might top the list of best luggage brands

» Travelpro

Travel pros mid-priced brand, This is favorite of flight Outfits, Travelpro provides excellent quality and durability. It is also used worldwide. An airline pilot who avowed the need for wheeled luggage and made it work. The popular Maxtile series contains various colors, two-wheel roller board or four-wheel spinner. Traveler brand tested above the maximum allowable weight for a checked bag and put through more than fifteen different trials so that they can ensure the quality that they are providing. Travelprogarments bags have different models

» American Tourister

If you need good quality at low to mid-range prices, American Touristergarments bag is the best luggage brand for those peoples who may not travel very often enough to demand luxurious luggage. Owned by Samsonite, this broadly common and reliable brand includes soft side and hard side luggage in a variety of colors and finishes. It widely used in many countries for its achievable price and its quality. There are many series of American Touristergarments bags of different sizes. Garments bags size variation depends on the customers what they will like to buy. But prices will not be the same for all time. It will change by the percentage they are providing.

» Briggs & Riley

Brigges & Riley is known for its lifetime guarantee. This brand has introduced many innovations that make packing things easier and more efficient. Hardware mounted outside provides more interior area fewer wrinkles. Briggs & Riley brand provides CX expansion and compression technology that gives you more packing space. The price of Briggs & Riley is little higher than mid range but the quality they are providing is excellent. Briggs & Riley garments bags are mostly recommended for business class people.

Best Garments Bags Suggested


» Delsey Luggage Helium Sky B/O Garment Bags

If you are going on a short leisure trip or a formal business trip, the Delsey Luggage Helium Sky B/O Garment Bag will suit you good.

Key Features :

› Long lasting and durable

Helium Sky B/O Garment Bag is prepared from lightweight and very durable micro ballistic fabric that is water resistant and vapor resistant.

› Adequate compartmentalization

There is one of the best features of the Delsey Luggage Helium Sky B/O Garment Bag is adequately divided interior dividers. There is also a feature that the garment bag provides zippered interior pockets of different sizes to allow for secure handling.

 Reason to buy :

› A hanging clip, that allows users to easily carry clothes on hangers into the bag.

  • › The garment bag also provides a removable hanging hook that is useful for users to hang it over a nearest or door for convenience.

 Reason to avoid :

  • Some customers complained about the garment bags are too big and somewhat bulky.

» Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry On Wheeled Garment Bags

If you are looking for advantage and style then the Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag is best for you. You will have both in this abode of the line traveling garment bag that will keep more than your heart’s desire.

Key Features: 

› Very sturdy

The Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag is sturdiest and very durable garments bags easily available online. The bag is prepared from 100% nylon which is not only water resistant but also abrasion resistant.

› Easy maneuverability

With the Samsonite Luggage Lift, Carry on Wheeled Garment Bag users does not need to worry about carrying the bag. The bag provides smooth rolling wheels with a supporting carrier.

› Fits more

The thing that makes the bag is known is to hold more than what usual cabin sized carriers do. There are many compartments given within the bag that allow you to hold your things in place.

Reason to buy :

  • › The garment bags provides fabric lining which protects the items within the bag.
  • › For the making of the garment, the AEPE fabric used that is very sturdy and protects against punctures and abrasions.

Reason to avoid :

  • The garment bags have not enough capacity to hold a suit.

» Delsey Luggage Cruise Lite Softside Spinner Trolley Garment Bags

The Delsey Luggage Cruise is created for that tourist who is searching for a luggage bag that will last a very long time and also use bags randomly.

 Key Features:

› Construction

The  Bagis prepared from ballistic nylon which is very durable and also dirtiest. It has different types of feature that an injected kick plate and reinforced corners.

› Size and Warranty

The bag body size is 19.75×22.75×10.5 inches while its total dimension is 23.5 x 22.75 x 11.75 inches. It provides a ten-year limited warranty.

› Something extra

It has a something special feature like power bank cable port that allows you to charge electronics in the journey.

 Reason to buy :

  • › It will be available in
  • › It can keep[ clothes wrinkle-free.
  • › There are multiple zip pockets that help the user to organize their items as they please.

Reason to avoid :

  • › This is hard to set the handle to its desired height.
  • › The cover of the zipper on the above is tough.

» Travelpro Maxlite 5 Carry-on Rolling Garment Bags

Travel is super comfortable with the Maxlite 5 because it is very lightweight. It has full collection features which include very lightweight and very long lasting spinners and also rollerboards which are compared in quality to any high-end luggage pieces.

Key Features:

› Construction

The Maxlite 5 provide the water-resistant finishing both inside and out. Its very lightweight build technic and a rolling carry on garment bag are created to keep dressed and clothes wrinkle-free during traveling due to its lay flat design. Generally, it can be said that Travelpro Maxlite 5 is the best garment bag for its lightweight.

› Material

The TravelproMaxlite 5 is made from polyester fabric that is stain resistant and it also has water resistant. It is also very durable. The polyester fabrics stain and water resistance can make the luggage looking great.

›Size and warranty

The size of this rolling carry on garment bags are 14 Inches. H x 21.75-In. W x 8.5 Inches. Its weight is in 8.3 pounds. It provides lifetime.

Reason to buy :

› It has large of space in its inside.

  • › Clothes are can be carried with wrinkle free.

Reason to avoid :

  • › It is not good with crowded airports.




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