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Best Lightest Carry on Kids Luggage | Top Rated Luggage Brands


If you’re planning a holiday trip to visit grandparents, many kids luggage brand offers a wide collection of kids luggage for the comfortable journey. There are soft duffel bags that luggage you can are easy to ride on. You need to choose the right luggage to make your trip with the kids easier and comfortable. Kids are interested in carrying their stuff and other things by luggage. So that many brands making luggage especially for kids and it is running all over the world. Kids of all the classes are using cartoonize luggage for carrying their necessary things. Generally, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars series luggage is made for kids. Luggage is made of wool or linen. The leather is also a popular material for making luggage. It is difficult to tell all the materials that luggage has been made out of.

Luggage is very helpful for these kids who travel very often. It has a holding handle on one side and is used mainly for conducting clothes and other possessions during a journey. There is a key combination lock used in luggage for extra security.T his kind of security is very reliable for users. Some Luggage that has handle and wheels are called trolley cases or a roll along. Trolley cases generally have two wheels and a handle for movement on the ground. Smart Luggage is nowadays getting very popular. Because, they can be controlled by a smartphone app and have many features like GPS, smart lock, auto follow and many other. Now many choices on the market today. Decide the best luggage brands may be a challenge. You can check below for the wide variety of kids’ luggage of many color and designs.

Tips to buy the best Kids Luggage


» Hard Case Luggage

Hard cases —Samsonite is famous for hard case luggage. That is generally made from polycarbonate or ABS plastic. They offer better protection for breakable items. Hard case luggage also withstands a reasonable level of abuse without damage. But some glossy-finished luggage can get scratched too easily. Hard case luggage is more waterproof and secure than soft case luggage, That also depends on the quality of the seals, locks, zips are located around the case. But there is some soft case luggage are waterproof too. The negative site is that hard case luggage doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility. Bringing back holiday things along with all the stuff you took on holiday in the first place? The hardness nature of hard case luggage means you may not be able to fit your purchases inside. There is also a matter that, some hard cases now — including the Samsonite Flux — includes some level of expandability, but even then they don’t have the flexibility that a soft case does.

» Soft Case Luggage

On the other hand, soft case luggage is flexible by their nature — the sides of the case will surge out to accommodate the extra items you’re trying to stow inside of this. They have some external pockets for keeping extra stuff. The best examples: the Eastpak Tranverz L are also made from waterproof materials with waterproof zips and many other things. It helps to keep the things inside dry. Soft cases flip side are more risky to have their stuff stolen since they often hinge on zip fastenings. Nevertheless, soft case luggage is often included 3 digit combination locks so you don’t have tension for losing lock keys. But this kind of 3 combination lock is less secure. So If you are going buy luggage security is also one of the matter.

 » 2-Wheels or 4-Wheels Luggage

Nowadays most luggage comes with two sets of wheels or four sets of wheels. Which one you choose depends on how you want to use the luggage. Two-wheel luggage is easier for movement in the footpath and ladder where you can just tilt the bag and also pull easily. Four-wheel ‘spinner’ luggage are comfortable on smooth floor or ground, like in the hotel lobbies and airports where they get to glide around on all four sets of wheels
There is one matter that, potentially, is how strong and smooth-running the wheels are: ideally, they needed to be tight to the case so they can easily and also can be replaced if one does break.

» Cabin-size or larger

When you’re going buy a luggage, you mostly need to think about why you’re buying it, and how you will use it. You are clearly not going to want to take a heavy case with you if you are going on an overnight. But you will not want a small case when you’re going somewhere for a month. The important thing is that they buy a luggage that can be put either in an overhead locker or under the seat in an airplane cabin or bus.
Unfortunately, there are no bounded rules on what is inside of the luggage. Different airlines have different weight limits, different size and what are acceptable on one airline won’t be on another. So when are going buy a luggage you need to decide which size is perfect for you. If you travel for shortly you should buy small luggage and if you travel for a month then you definitely should buy a larger size luggage.

Best Kids Luggage Brands


» Samsonite

This is one of the best well-known luggage brands. Samsonite started their business more than 100 years ago as a trunk manufacturer. After that is a broad range of products includes hard side and soft side bags, garment bags, backpacks, and travel accessories. There are four gliders and wheeled spinners with their lower center of gravity, are also are in their product line. Samsonite sold their products in the low-to-middle price range. Samsonite also provides durability and style.

» American Tourister

Kids Luggage
American Tourister Kids Luggage

This is one of the best kids luggage brand. If you need good quality at low to mid-range prices, American Tourister is the best. Owned by Samsonite, this broadly common and reliable brand includes soft side and hard side luggage in a variety of colors and finishes. It widely used in many countries for its achievable price and its quality. There are three series for kids. This series luggage also is in different sizes. Luggage size variation depends on the customers what they will like to buy. Marvel, Disney and Star War these are three series for the kids.
Some series of kids luggage American Tourister is American Tourister Disney 18″ Softside, American Tourister Disney Mickey Mouse 21″ Spinner, American Tourister Marvel 21″ Spinner, American Tourister Star Wars Rogue One 20″ Spinner etc. The price of the luggage will not be the same for all time. It will change by the percentage they are providing.

» Bixbee

Bixbee is a mid-priced brand, This is a favorite of flight Outfits, Bixbee provides excellent quality and durability. It is also used worldwide. The popular Bixbee luggage contains various colors. Bixbeebrand tested above the maximum allowable weight for a checked bag and put through more than fifteen different trials so that they can ensure the quality that they are providing. Bixbee luggage has different sizes and the different price for the different size.

» Skip Hop

This is also provided good quality luggage. Skip Hop brand makes various luggage and accessories for kids. Little kids are really like to roll through the airport or to their guardian with their own Zoo luggage. Skip hop luggage are perfectly sized for carry-ons and overnight trips. Zoo luggage on wheels is good enough for every kid.
Skip Hop luggage are stylish and colorful, they offer excellent durability and their price range is not so high.

» Stephen Joseph

StephenJosephis is known for its product quality. This brand has introduced many innovations that make packing things easier and more efficient. The price of StephenJosephis mid- range but the quality they are providing is excellent. StephenJosephluggage are mostly common for kids collection.

» ZincFlyte

ZincFlyte makes the excellent collection for kids. It must be on the list of best luggage brands. ZincFlyte luggage price is mid-range.

Top Kids luggage comparison

» American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney Minnie Mouse

Stylish luggage which comes at the expensive price

Specifications :

› Printed polyester with vinyl front
›  Inline skate wheels for easy mobility
› Easy pull handle
› 10-year warranty
› 7x12x18
› Color: Disney Minnie Mouse

Reasons to buy:
› Iconic looks and very stylish design

Reasons to avoid:
› Not so heavy
› If you are want to travel in style, then you need to buy one of American Tourister Kids’ Softside 18″ Upright, Disney     Minnie Mouse luggage.
› The American Tourister kids luggage is not so expensive. You can travel with kids comfortably with this colorful           American Tourister luggage.

» Ferrari Kids Scooter Luggage

Colorful and stylish luggage

Specifications :

› There are 3 Wheels Scooter folds into two Wheels Rolling Bag.
› Amazing- Ferrari design and technology
› Great- for School and Traveling, TSA approved. Comes with a spacious luggage space for all your child needs.
› Handle Height: 28’ Front Wheels -100mm Back Wheel -64mm

› Deck Size: 11’x3.5’ Luggage Size: 16’12.5’x9’


Reasons to buy:
› It is great for travel comfortably.
› Perfectly sized

Reasons to avoid:
› Not good for long trip

This model is not ideal for longer trips. The Ferrari Kids Scooter Luggage64 mm is a small sized luggage. If you want to compare The Ferrari Kids Scooter luggage is the best luggage for shorter trips.

» Goplus Kids Luggage

It is hard and durable luggage.

Specifications :
› Premium Material: This luggage set is made by
Polycarbonate and ABS, that makes it so hard that kids can use this luggage for a long time, and it will not damage so easily due to the premium material.
› Light Weight Design: The luggage and backpack are both lightweight, will not be an extra burden to children when they go to school or on the way to travel.
› 4 Multi-directional Wheels: 4 durable wheels support 360 degrees rolling, It is super easy for mobility.
› Ergonomically designed: Goplus Kids Luggage is designed to move it easily like pull up.
› 100% Warranty: It offers you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence.

Reasons to buy:
› Hard luggage.
› Have four-wheel

Reasons to avoid:
› Hard to carry.

Available in many designs like Deer and Birds, Elephant and Lions, owls design, Goplus Kids Luggagekidsluggage is best for its hardness and durability. This luggage is very comfortable with keeping stuff for its design.
It has four multi-directional wheels. So it is very comfortable for movement and it provides a very good warranty.

» Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

Stylish monkey design luggage

Specifications :
› Item Weight: 2.81 pounds
› Item model number: SJ800199A

› Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 18 x 14.5 inches
› UPC: 794866731993
› Target gender: Male
› Care instructions: Hand Wash
› Style: Monkey
› Batteries required: No
› Wheel type: roller_wheels

Reasons to buy:

› Stylish monkey design
› light luggage

Reasons to avoid:
› This luggage is not so durable.

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage most known luggage brand. This luggage is America’s most famous luggage label is the result of years of newness. The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is available monkey design for kids.
The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling is comfortable for handling with it and so it is easy to move around.

» Skip Hop Zoo Kids Rolling Luggage

Funky, fashionable and can be affordable

Item Weight: 2.25 pounds

› Item model number: 212312-CNSZP
› Product Dimensions : 12 x 5.5 x 16 inches
› UPC: 816523023750
› Target gender: Unisex
› Material_composition: Polyester
› Style: Eureka Unicorn
› Batteries required: No
› Dishwasher safe: No
› Is portable: No

Reasons to buy:
› Stylish design with different colors and sizes

Reasons to avoid:
› It is not so hard



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