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Best Carry on Travel Suitcase for Men | Suitcase & Luggage


The best travel suitcase is very popular for carrying suits and many other things. It is used all over the world. People of all the classes have used the suitcase for carrying their necessary things. Generally, travel suitcase made of wool or linen. The leather is also a popular material for making suitcases.

It is difficult to tell all the materials suitcases have been made out of. A suitcase is very helpful for these people who travel very often. It has a holding handle on one side and is used mainly for conducting clothes and other possessions during the journey.

There is a key combination lock used in suitcases for extra security. This kind of security is very reliable for users. Some suitcases that have handle and wheels are called trolley cases or a roll along. Trolley cases generally have two wheels and a handle for movement on the ground. Smart best travel suitcase is nowadays getting very popular.

Because, they can be controlled by a smartphone app and have many features like GPS, smart lock, auto follow and many other. Now many choices on the market today. Decide the best luggage brands may be a challenge. Many brands and their specifications are listed below :

Various Travel Suitcase Brands

» American Tourister

If you need good quality at low to mid-range prices, American Tourister travel suitcase is the best luggage brand for those peoples who may not travel very often enough to demand luxurious luggage. Owned by Samsonite, this broadly common and reliable brand includes soft side and hard side luggage in a variety of colors and finishes.

It widely used in many countries for its achievable price and its quality. There are many series of American Tourister suitcases of different sizes. Suitcase size variation depends on the customers what they will like to buy. Like American Tourister Moonlight  Spinner series suitcase have different sizes 21 inch, 24 inch, and 28 inches. There are also other series of suitcases American Tourister Sonic Rolling Tote, American Tourister Belle Voyage, American Tourister Curio Spinner etc.

These series of suitcases also different sizes. Price variations of different sizes are :
› 21 inches American Tourister Moonlight  Spinner   – 69.99 $
› 24 inches American Tourister Moonlight  Spinner  – 83.99 $
› 2inchesh  American Tourister Moonlight  Spinner  – 97.99 $

But prices will not be the same for all time. It will change by the percentage they are providing.

» Travelpro

Travelpro is a mid-priced brand, This is a favorite of flight Outfits, Travelpro provides excellent quality and durability. It is also used worldwide. An airline pilot who avowed the need for wheeled luggage and made it work. The popular Maxtile series contains various colors, two-wheel roller board or four-wheel spinner.

Travelpro brand tested above the maximum allowable weight for a checked bag and put through more than fifteen different trials so that they can ensure the quality that they are providing. Travelpro travel suitcases have different series like:

› Care executive choice

› Maxlite

› T-pro bold

» Delsey

This brands also provides good quality suitcases. Delsey brand first made leather camera cases, After that, they started the luggage business in 1970. They first released a hard case line. Delsey specializes in hard side suitcase, making the first style with one main compartment similar to a soft side suitcase configuration.  Delsey suitcases are stylish and colorful, they offer excellent durability and their price range is not so high.

» Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is known for its lifetime guarantee. This brand has introduced many innovations that make packing things easier and more efficient. Hardware mounted outside provides more interior area fewer wrinkles.

Briggs & Riley brand provides CX expansion and compression technology that gives you more packing space. The price of Briggs & Riley is little higher than mid range but the quality they are providing is excellent. Briggs & Riley suitcase is mostly recommended for business class people.

» Globe-Trotter

Globe-Trotter is a luxury lifestyle brand. It must be on the list of best travel suitcase brands. After all, past owners of Globe-Trotter luggage were Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill.  The company was founded in Germany more than 100 years ago and now moved to the U.K. The brand’s speechless design creates a vintage look with fine leather straps and corner trim. If you say, money is no object, then Globe-Trotter just might top the list of best luggage brands.

How to Buy the Best Suitcase

» Hard  Case Travel Suitcases

Hard cases —Samsonite is famous for hard case suitcases. That is generally made from polycarbonate or ABS plastic. They offer better protection for breakable items. Hard case suitcase also withstands a reasonable level of abuse without damage.

But some glossy-finished suitcases can get scratched too easily. Hard case suitcase is more waterproof and secure than soft case suitcases, That also depends on the quality of the seals, locks, zips are located around the case. But there are some soft case suitcases are waterproof too.

The negative site is that hard case suitcases don’t offer much in the way of flexibility. Bringing back holiday things along with all the stuff you took on holiday in the first place? The hardness nature of hard case suitcases means you may not be able to fit your purchases inside. There is also a matter that, some hard cases now —including the Samsonite Flux —includes some level of expandability, but even then they don’t have the flexibility that a soft case does.

» Soft Case Travel Suitcases

On the other hand, soft case travel suitcases are flexible by their nature — the sides of the case will surge out to accommodate the extra items you’re trying to stow inside of this. They have some external pockets for keeping extra stuff. The best examples: the Eastpak Tranverz L  are also made from waterproof materials with waterproof zips and many other things.

It helps to keep the things inside dry. Soft cases flip side are more risky to have their stuff stolen since they often hinge on zip fastenings. Nevertheless, soft case suitcases are often included 3 digit combination locks so you don’t have tension for losing lock keys. But this kind of 3 combination lock is less secure. So If you are going to buy suitcase security is also one of the matter

» 2-Wheels or 4-Wheels Suitcases

Nowadays most travel suitcases come with two sets of wheels or four sets of wheels. Which one you choose depends on how you want to use the suitcase. Two-wheel suitcases are easier for movement in the footpath and ladder where you can just tilt the bag and also pull easily. Four-wheel ‘spinner’ suitcases are comfortable on smooth floor or ground, like in the hotel lobbies and airports where they get to glide around on all four sets of wheels

There is one matter that, potentially, is how strong and smooth-running the wheels are: ideally, they needed to be tight to the case so they can easily and also can be replaced if one does break.

» Cabin-Size or Larger

When you’re going buy a travel suitcase, you mostly need to think about why you’re buying it, and how you will use it. You are clearly not going to want to take a heavy case with you if you are going on an overnight business trip or any trip for attending a meeting somewhere.

But you will not want a small case when you’re going somewhere for a month. For many travelers, the important thing is that they buy a travel suitcase that can be put either in an overhead locker or under the seat in an airplane cabin or bus.

Unfortunately, there are no bounded rules on what is inside of the suitcase. Different airlines have different weight limits, different size and what are acceptable on one airline won’t be on another.

So when are going buy a suitcase you need to decide which size is perfect for you. If you travel for shortly you should buy small suitcases and if you travel for a month then you definitely should buy a larger size suitcase.

Some Travel Suitcase Comparison

 » Globe-Trotter Trolley Case

Stylish luggage which comes at an expensive price

 Specifications :

› Model: 30″ 2-Wheels

› Material: Black vulcanized fibreboard

› Lock: Dual lock with keys

› Expandable: No

› Dimensions: 77 x 43 x 24cm

› Volume: 79.5L

› Weight: 10kg

Reasons to buy:

›Iconic looks and very  stylish design

Reasons to avoid:

› Very Expensive

If you are want to travel in style, then you need to buy one of Globe-Trotter’s iconic suitcases. The British brand’s luggage has been carried by some of the world’s most classified peoples, includes Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, and Captain Robert Falcon Scott

The Globe-Trotter Trolley Case is very expensive, but If you want to travel in style and class then Globe-Trotter travel suitcase is best for you.

» Samsonite Flux 75cm

Hard suitcase in the variety of sizes and colors

 Specifications :

› Model: Spinner (4 wheels)

› Material: 100% polypropylene

› Lock: TSA Compatible

› Expandable: Yes

› Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 32cm (expanded)

› Volume: 102/121L

› Weight: 3.9kg

Reasons to buy:

› It is an Expandable hard travel suitcase

› it includes TSA-ready locks

Reasons to avoid:

› Relatively massive

› Not like cabin sized

This model is ideal for longer trips. This is a medium-sized suitcase. It has a hard polypropylene shell and TSA-ready combination locks. Samsonite Flux travel suitcases are available in the market with five different colors. They are Black, White, Navy Blue, Ocean Blue, and Tangerine Red. This travel suitcase is available in three different sizes: 55cm, 75cm and 81cm.

» Ted Baker Albany

It is Effortlessly but yet practical

Specifications :

› Model: 2-wheels

› Material: Polyester

› Lock: TSA compatible lock included

› Expandable: No

› Dimensions: 41 x 35 x 26cm

› Volume: 33L

› Weight: 2.8kg

Reasons to buy:

› Its Elegant design

› Provides handbag like the handle

Reasons to avoid:

› Rose gold will divide opinion

Available in black color with a bright  Blue Butterfly design, Ted Baker’s stylish carry-on travel suitcase is best for its look and shape. It is made from lustrous 900 denier twill material. This travel suitcase also has risen gold highlights. The suitcase includes two smooth-rolling wheels in its base and large handles.

This suitcase is very comfortable with keeping stuff in its design. It includes a 3-digit combination lock with TSA and stylish front pocket. The Albany case is available in different sizes so you can get your required size and travel comfortably.

» Eastpak Tranzshell Camouflage-Print Multiwheel

Stylish hard case

Specifications :

› Model: Spinner (4 wheels)

› Material: Canvas foam

› Lock: TSA compatible

› Expandable: No

› Dimensions: 54 x 39 x 20cm

› Volume: 32L

› Weight: 2.8kg

Reasons to buy:

› It provides a 30-year warranty

› Includes two zipped compartments

Reasons to avoid:

› It can be small for long trips.

Eastpak is one of the most known suitcase brands, and this specific spinner suitcase from America’s most famous suitcase label is the result of years of newness. The  Eastpak Tranzshell suitcase is available in nine different colors to consider your style.

The Eastpak Tranzshell provides quality like tough and long lasting with a foam and fabric hard body. There is most impressive news is Eastpack Tranzshell provides a 30-year warranty. It has smooth running wheels on its base. It also comes with a comfortable handle with it so it is easy to move around.

› Inside it is very smart, there are two zipped pockets to keep your stuff in place during your travels.

› This case is very light at 2.9kg. So it is good for a short holiday or business trip.

› It also contains a zip locking system and it is also compatible.

 » American Tourister Soundbox 67cm

Funky, fashionable and can be affordable,


› Model: Spinner (4-wheels)

› Material: polypropylene

› Lock: TSA Compatible

› Expandable: Yes

› Dimensions: 67 x 46.5 x 29cm

› Volume: 71.5-81L

› Weight: 3.4kg

Reasons to buy:

› Stylish design with different colors and sizes

› It is an expandable hard suitcase

Reasons to avoid:

› It provides only 3-year warranty

American Tourister is one of the long-established suitcase brands. American Tourister products come with a younger and funkier Samsonite. It offers very range stylish suitcases and with affordable prices.

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